Selling commercial property in the UK at times can be a painful process, setting the price and terms and condition of sale can significantly increase the sale-ability – but here are some steps:

  1. Market Analysis: Analyse the property in your area. Online portals like Rightmove, Zoopla can give you an idea of commercial property sales. Look at ‘Like for Like’ property sales and work put how much was paid for square foot or metre. Then calculate your potential sales price. And then run it by a commercial agent.
  2. Make sure that your property is in ‘best’ condition before putting it up for sale. To get maximum price do the essential repairs and any cosmetic changes that increase the Curb Appeal of the property. Property that has been well-kept is more likely to attract potential purchasers.
  3. Market Your Property. Whether you may choose to use commercial estate brokers who have access to a vast network of purchasers, or you decide to sell it yourself on social media platforms or online property listings you need good pictures and descriptions as an absolute minimum.
  4. Your Potential Buyer maybe someone you know. If you can ask potential customers where they or some one that know maybe interested in buying your commercial property. If you don’t then refer to point 3.
  5. Gather and organise your business and property information. Prospective purchasers will rely heavily on this data to assess the property’s profitability and make educated offers. The due diligence process can be sped up and buyer trust increased if all relevant financial records are easily accessible.
  6. Sale flexibility could help in attracting potential purchasers. If you’re having trouble finding buyers for your commercial property, you might want to think about offering alternatives such as leaseback arrangements, or delayed completion. Using such tactics would mean more flexibility in negotiations and completion on sales.
  7. Be Buyer Ready. Having a Buyers Pack can significantly speed up and close as the property sale. This would include all the information that the buyer’s solicitor would require.
  8. Market circumstances can a massive impact on price. If you time your sale badly, then expect delayed sales and completions. Increases in Interest Rates can considerably affect the sales and marketing price as lenders reduce their products and buyers consider putting off expansion or starting a business.
  9. Learning to negotiate with potential purchasers. A successful sale flexibility and creativity. If you want to get the best price, you might want to brush up on sales skills!

In conclusion, the sale of commercial property in the UK calls for forethought, planning, and execution