A recent study has shown that investors looking to make an entry into the real estate market should do so now. This is according to studies conducted by a broker club that sought to know as to whether or not it was a good time for new investors to make their debut entries into the market. The results of the survey showed that a significant number of the current investors and brokers in the business thought that it was an ideal time to invest in the market. On further inquiry it showed that a similar number thought that the real estate market would significantly expand in the next few years.

Close to about thirty percent of those who were of this opinion were extremely confident about it while about sixty one percent in the same category were relatively optimistic. The rest were sceptical but remained optimistic all the same. A closer look showed that this development has been greatly influenced by the rate of lending by financial institutions which has been at its highest in the recent times. This perhaps is the reason as to why it does not come as a surprise as to why when asked how easy it was to sell some property in the market close to half of those interviewed felt it was pretty easy. A further fifth felt that it was relatively easy and a paltry tenth felt that it was hard. This trend goes to show that the current state of affairs as regards the property market in the opinion of the current players is pretty favourable for budding investors

In another twist of approach, when most of the investors were asked about what they thought was of more value in the market in order for one to thrive, half of them indicated that low rates played a significant role and therefore of more value. A slightly lower percentage in the same category said that flat fees played a key role and a paltry few said that freebies were of more value above anything else. This indication gets to show that the value of money plays a central role this market if one in has to make a decision concerning the choice of engagement in the market.

Some of the chief executive officers in the markets also indicated that majority of the brokers felt that this was as good time to invest in the market further showing that the traditional market was still a preferred investment platform for many. It also showed that the opportunities in the market had potentially good returns that the investors can influence to their own favor. These brokers as well as the investors are the key players in this industry therefore are at the frontline when it comes to matters concerning the market. It would be safe to say that their opinion can be trusted to a significant extent in this matter and in that regard those looking to make their debut in the market can do so now