Selling your property fast during separation means you will have the money for your next move as quickly as possible. Secure a sale within just weeks by selling your home to The Property Buyers.

“Home is where one starts from.” ~ T.S. Eliot

Separating from a partner is an exceptionally emotional and difficult time. Not only is there the stress of separating but you may also be choosing to sell your home. It may now be too big for just yourself and you want to make a fresh start and get on with your own life, or perhaps you want to move closer to your family. On the other hand you may decide that you do not want to leave your home and in this situation there are many different options available and we could help you choose which is best for you, if you want to sell your home fast for a quick sale.

The time taken to sell a property can go from weeks to months-even years and this can lead to even greater stress and strain on an already complicated situation. Arrangements need to be made so that you can to continue your payments on your home but the problem is that a lot of us are genuinely unable to keep up these repayments with a single income. In this situation there is “Sell and rent back” as a quick sale option which could be of interest to you if you are looking to remain in your property but can no longer handle the mortgage payments and would like to sell. If you would like to speak with us about you options for a quick sale then please contact us on 0800 0122334  or click here to email your details to us.

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    Jeff Caves

    Dudley Building Society

    Thorough and professional with their affairs

    Dudley Building Society has excellent business relationship with Mr B Tiwana and Mr A Soar. I wish all borrowers, particularly property landlord were as thorough and professional with their affairs.

    Ian Jakes

    Jakes & Co Solicitors

    Trustworthy never heard any complaints

    I have acted for The Property Buyers as a solicitor in connection with many transactions over the years. I have always found them to act in a professional manner, I consider them to be trustworthy and I have never heard any complaint concerning their business.

    Stephen Peece

    Loughborough building society

    Convenient and flexible services

    We have worked in partnership with The Property Buyers for nearly 16 years. We have been impressed by the standard of both their organisation and the condition of their properties. Since taking their first loan with Loughborough , The Property Buyers have been completely professional in dealings with and their business has prospered as a result.

    Mr C P Westalke

    Clayton Mott Solicitors

    Hard working, conscientious and reliable

    I have acted for The Property Buyers with somewhere in the region of over two hundred transactions since 1997. I am very pleased to be able to recommend them for being both hard working, conscientious and reliable and known for their professional approach in business matters.They will go to considerable lengths to ensure that the finance is in place for when the same is required.

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