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Sell Commercial Property

Sell Commercial Property

Sell Commercial Property Buyers

Commercial land, property or Industrial property can take time to sell. The typical route ‘and the reason that you may have come here to sell your property’ is a business transfer agent or a commercial valuer. They all use more or less the same property portals –, EGI Property Group, and etc. These are going to time as the demand for commercial property is less than that of residentials for sale.

The property has to be first listed, existing clients are informed and then left on the portals for a buyer to come along. This can take months if not years. When a buyer does come along, invariably they have to go to a lender to borrow money and we all know what entails.

Sell Commercial Property

On occassions we have come across hotels, pubs, shops and other commercial buildings where things have just simply not worked out. A business whose supplier folded leaving you in the preverbial, a financial hickup – where you run into a mortgage issues with your lenders. You may even have the lenders wanting you to sell the property to pay off your loans. We don’t see problems when it comes to buying a property – we will be completely upfront and transparent, so you know exactly where you stand with us.

What do we buy?

Leisure hotels, public houses, restaurants, cafes, sports facilities
Retail retail stores and off licence shops
Office office buildings, serviced offices
Industrial industrial property, office/warehouses, garages, distribution centers
Healthcare medical centres, hospitals, nursing homes, care homes
Apartments as
Residential developments

How do we buy property?

We have a number of funds and lenders that understand what we do and how we do it. If we think we your property is investable an offer will be made. On acccepting our offer we will instruct solictors and if you choose a solictor from our panel of solicitors we will pay all fees and adminstration costs. We typically exchange with weeks, in some cases days, and agree a completion date. Its as simple as that. Obviously we go throught the normal due diligence – but we try and make selling your property a ‘breeze’.

We will consider any value upto £15 million, beyond that we have to bring in partners to ensure the deal gets done. For more about us.

We also operate what are known as Lease Back options which mean you can remain in your retail premises at a rental rate. If any of these options sound like a suitable solution to the problem of selling your commercial property fast then call us on 0800 0122334.

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The Property Buyers are retained by a number of clients who will buy any type of commercial premises that are for sale including offices, Industrial Units and commercial land.