Cash Property Buyers

Cash Property Buyers

When you choose to sell your house quickly and you begin to test the water you realise that there are countless companies out there offering you the same thing – We buy your property quickly! There is advert after advert, each one vying for your attention and you have to decide which one catches your eye the most, or which one sounds the most professional.

We would like to provide you with an insight into the different types of Cash Property Buyers that are available in the property market and after reading the following information we feel you will be better suited to face the prospect of selling your property to the best buyer.

Type of Cash Property Buyer


These companies employ large call centers and run national advertising campaigns. They also directly employ their own valuers. Due to the fact that they have such high overheads from the advertising they then build this in to their purchase price. Their initial approach may be that they will buy at 15% below market value but you then realise that you are being charged for the valuation. Ultimately they buy at 25-35% below market value.


These are a bit like Estate Agents. They typically buy your property on behalf of an investor at 15% below market value and sell it on at 10%. The downside to their approach is that you are tied into an agreement with them and it can be anything from 12-21 weeks. During this time you cannot sell your property to anyone else and you may feel that there is not as much push to sell your property simply because they are not dealing with their own money. Therefore you could still be in the same predicament at the end of those few weeks as you were at the beginning. Not the best option if you are hoping for a quick sale!

CAUTION – Inexperienced Buyer Alert!

These are small companies, in fact they usually consist of no more than 2 people. They have no real knowledge of the property market and have more than likely watched a television programme and decided “we can do that!” They do not understand how to professionally value a property and they may give you a figure but then change their offer at the end.  Please also be extremely cautious of those who provide you with a value over the phone without having been to see your property. These will definitely change their offer at the final hurdle leaving you out of pocket and uncertain of their intentions.

We,, are different! We are part of the Goldman Hunter Group of companies and we have a private portfolio in excess of £14 million with access to cash funds.

  • We do not charge a valuation fee
  • We use Independent Valuers
  • We exchange at 7 days of valuation and complete at your convenience
  • We operate Sell and Rent back solutions
  • We pay your legal fees up to £500 + VAT

We can help! Call us on 0800 0122334 or please go to Cash Property Buyer Valuation