When choosing to sell your land, there are a variety of things that come up when looking to get a valuation. For instance, location, the present condition from the housing industry, transport linkages, and physical attributes will all either add or take value from a bit of land. However, you will find none that play as big a job as planning permission/consent.

You need to consider a number of factors;

Land Prices – When valuing land you need to consider – Does it have planning permission or none! It’s usually a idea to speak to an expert and if it is land near to road systems, with other developments, or is situated in a place which will see rise developments then you need to consider an application for planning as this will you the best uplift on value.

With or Without Planning

Land with planning permission gets you a better price than land without planning permission. Get an idea of planning from your planning department. Some planning officers will be helpful some not – this varying on your council. It seems to that councils in the South are worse than those in the North of England.

Getting Planning Consent

Typically this is achieved through an architect, who will draught drawings to submit to your regional planning office. You don’t necessarily do this, I have seen outline drawings on a back of an envelope to planner for consideration!

Research Local Planning Policies

Every county has a District Local Plan which guides the councils as to what they will allow and will not allow in the county

Avoid Full Planning Committee submissions

This is usually as a result of chief planning officer who refuses the planning and then you are left with an appeal – Expensive.

Outline Planning

It’s important the application be tracked to make certain it doesn’t hit any bumps on the way, by means of telephone call or email. Previously, previously councils were a amenable to hear amendments to make the applying work however this doesn’t can be found as councils are remunerated by an amendment process. With this thought, applicants will have to be accurate using the application and just apply if in the end discussions between planners, architects and land proprietors occurred at outline planning.

If your problem does occur, it will likely be much simpler and cheaper to withdraw the applying and begin again instead of seeing it rejected. If your mistake is created, the applying could be withdrawn, amended, after which an re-application could be made, without incurring more charges.

Pre-application Advice

As well as information being readily available on your council’s website – you can receive more ‘formal pre-approval advice’ in most cases it costs, but its well worth it.

Having said all that you may have not even need planning you may have ‘Permitted Development Rights’!

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