How to Sell Land or Property In India – Sorry that was how to get robbed!

I’ve been buying and selling property in the UK for now thirty years. Sadly my mother passed away earlier this year – God bless her beautiful soul – and was left with sorting out the inherited land in India.

What a journey – nightmare!

My mother had ensured that the land was transferred to myself and two other siblings. A will was written stating that the land would go to the sons and not the daughters. Well that in itself is proving problematic.

I as an PIO – Person of Indian Origin was expecting a simple and peaceful inheritance with family legacy to be kept intact and set to be passed down from generation to generation. The memories of my grandfather, great grandfather and fore-fathers to be cherished for generations to come.

My mother passed away in April 2016 and by August 2016 we started to unravel the lands and properties owned by the family.

My uncles – my mother’s brother and cousin – told us what was ours and what was theirs – who owned what where. I believed every word said, every land number written, every map drawn.

When we arrived in India and looked at what we owned physically, the conversations with my mother, what my father used to tell us and uncles discussed – it dawned on me the value of what we had.

In the film ‘UP’ a house sits on building site with huge buildings towering it. Our lands had a Mercedes dealership on the right and a McDonalds on the left, with land merging with one of the major roads of the Punjab – the GT Road!

Wow! The values of the lands were in the millions – and didn’t everyone else know but this PIO!

As I looked out onto the lands from our property, a brick wall ran through it and part of it was being built on. My uncle, who was telling me what belonged to who said ‘That belongs to you and your cousin has sold it!’

I was initially shocked – British Upper Lip and all that! But the guy had sold my land. My Land! How can he do this? What rights does he have to do that!?! WTF!!

Then I found my brother sat with the village sales agent discussing the sale of his share. We had all agreed that we would do this as three brothers, but the cash offer today was a little stronger than time and a greater offer together.

After giving up the rights of the lands and property, one of my sisters decided to challenge the will. Well I suppose that’s within her rights, after all my daughters will inherit equally with my son!?!

I felt betrayed and cheated. Uncles, brother, sister – I suppose the smell of money is all too often has a greater bond than that of kith and kin.

And if you’re asking – YES, I instructed solicitors.

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How to Sell Land or Property In India