Do you want to sell your house? Are you afraid that the valuers are giving you a low appraisal for your house? Then you ought to know that there are ways that you can make them change that decision. Your house value can change drastically if you employ these tactics.

When a valuer comes to your house, the first thing that they look at is the condition of the house. Therefore, it is up to you to make a good impression. Do not let the valuer have a reason to give you that low ranking. So how do you make your house presentable? It is simple! Do what you normally do each morning, by this we mean clean your house. You need to clean that bathtub, walls and windows. Of importance is to make sure that there are no disgusting stains on that carpet. Call in professionals to clean it if you have to.

The next thing will be for you to invest some money into renovating your house. We are not talking major renovations here but some painting here and fixing there. Your paint maybe worn out in some areas, do not let the valuer see this. Add a fresh coat of paint to make the walls look bright and new. Also fix the leaking pipes if there are and ensure that your ceiling is not falling off!
Most people do not know that the environment surrounding their home also contributes to the value of the house. Your house maybe clean and in top notch condition but due to the surroundings, its value drops. It is up to you to ensure that there are no heaps of garbage lying around. Trim the lawns and take away trash that litters the ground. A clean and serene environment is always a plus.

You are selling the house; give a detailed account of its size. Do not shy off from telling the valuer the size of each room though they can estimate this for themselves. Knowing how big your house is backed up with some information about how same houses in your locality sold for, will not only quicken the process of valuing your house but will also make the valuer give a good estimate of your house.

So, make it a point to do some cleaning and painting before you call in a valuer. Information is power so do a little research on how much other houses are worth and you will be on your way of getting a high value for your house.

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