Sell Land FAST! 

We will buy land anywhere whether there is planning or not. 

No matter what type of land you have we can offer a quick sale. If you wish to sell land fast then we may have a solution for you – from a garden plot, to a piece of inherited land to greenfield or brownfield sites – we can help you to achieve a fast sale of your land. 

There are many different options to consider with the sale of land. We can work together to achieve planning permission and develop on the land on a shared ownership basis or you can choose to sell the land to us directly. 

We can also buy your land and lease it back to you for agricultural use, therefore ensuring that although you have sold your land to us you still have use of that land. 

There are also options agreements available which may be of more use to you then any of the above situations. To find out more please contact on of our advisors on 0800 0122334