Sell House Quickly

So you’re trying to sell your home on the open market but for some reason it just isn’t budging.

What can you do?

There are a number of solutions which may help you to sell your property faster. Have you considered how your property looks to possible buyers? Have you thought about such important things as first impression or the welcome that the prospective buyer receives as they walk through the door?

Below is a checklist of what should be done to help you sell your house quickly on the open market. Follow these steps and you may have the sale you were looking for in less time than you imagined.

First Impressions

• Does your home look inviting? The area approaching the front door should be clear of clutter i.e children’s toys, bikes etc.

• Make sure your bin, if possible is out of sight, along with any garden hoses etc tucked away neatly.

• Make sure your garden is presentable and the lawn is mown.

• Don’t have any unseasonal decorations up i.e. old Christmas decorations in the middle of summer that haven’t been taken down.

Walking In

• The area should again be free of clutter.

• Pets (and preferably children) should be kept out of the way.

• The house should be warm and well lit, also ask friends and family if your home has a particular smell – this is common in anyone’s house and can be overcome easily enough.

• If you have a porch entrance make sure that shoes are tidied away out of sight and the area is free of cobwebs etc.

• Windows must be clean.

• House plants must be alive.


• Kitchen counters must be free of any unnecessary amenities. Try to put away the toaster.

• Cabinets need to clean – people may have a look to see how large the storage space is.

• Appliances should be clean – no food spills.

• Sink should be empty as should the dishwasher and the washing machine.

• Lights on!

• Floor clean.

• No magnets/children’s paintings/memorabilia on fridge.

Master Bedroom

• Again, make sure storage space is clean, tidy, organized.

• No personal items should be on show i.e. photos.

• Open blinds – natural light looks better.

• Make sure room smells nice.

• Fresh flowers are always attractive.

• Fork out on some new bedding – it shows.

Other Rooms

• Make sure the room is as tidy as possible.

• Follow instructions for master bedroom in regards to lighting.

• Beds should be made.

Other Areas

• Garage clean – floor clear of oil spills. Boxes tidy etc.

• Is the car on the drive clean?

• Are your bins empty?

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