Many people at a certain point in life make the decision to move in to sheltered accommodation or assisted living in Residential or Nursing Care homes. Retirement Villages are also becoming an increasingly common choice and if you have made this decision and are looking to sell your property in order to do so then we may be in a position to help you make that move.
When people move on with a property unsold it can become more and more difficult to sell the property in question. As time moves on and the property may fall in to disrepair, there will be costs of rates, heating bills and general maintenance.
If you have a few months to go until you are due to move in to the new property then we can buy your home from you and rent it back therefore ensuring that you can remain for as long as you need to. There is no stress or strain and everything is typically completed within four weeks, which means you can release the equity and relax in the knowledge that there is nothing left for you to worry about as far as your home is concerned.
If you are moving on and wish to save yourself the hassle of trying to sell your house on the open market then talk to one of our advisors or Click Here to find out more