If you choose to sell and rent back your property you will be provided with a rental figure by the property buyer that will come out to visit you personally at your home, during a time which is suitable for you.

One of our property buyers will make an appointment to visit you at your home and discuss with you the options which will be suitable for you and how we can help you benefit from your property.

After the initial visit the property buyer will carry out some research in your area and determine the local rental prices. They will then discuss those with you and if you are happy with those they will then instruct an independent valuer, completely free of charge, to come out and value your property.

Once this valuation has been completed the property buyer will provide you with a final offer. If you are happy with this offer and the rental figure which they have provided you with, then the process shall begin.

These steps, in total, should take no more than 14-18 days and once you have accepted the offer, the property buyers can usually complete within 7 – 10 days.

There are no costs involved and we pay up to £500 + VAT of any legal fees which may be incurred.