Maximizing your rental income is not all about increasing rent. According to financial and real estate experts, other factors also play a vital role. Some of the key factors include presentation, location and transportation. Tenants are in the constant search of units, which are close to social amenities, public transport and enjoy maximum security. Well-maintained properties also attract a substantial amount of interested tenants. Rental price should not be overlooked.

Selling or renting an empty unit usually takes longer. It requires a higher marketing budget and longer time to get tenants. The best way to market your rental house and maximize rental income is by employing the use of a show home. This great and effective marketing weapon provides prospective tenants detail and personal service. In the long run, you are able to attract considerable number of tenants thus helping you maximize your rental income.

Another way of making sure that you maximize rental income is by making sure that you often replace fittings and clean your property. Overhauling rooms and revamping property acts as a great way of attracting tenants. This is because your property always looks at its best. If you don’t have excellent cleaning skills, employ the services of a professional. After every five years, it is prudent to paint the walls. Tenants will be willing to pay more because the property looks fresh and brand new. Buy and replace furniture and fittings. Examples of fixtures that need regular replacing are door handles, toilets, cabinet hardware, tubs or faucets, and mini blinds. These are inexpensive fixes come in handy in updating the property, reduce maintenance costs in the long run and appeal to prospective tenants.

In order to maximize rental income, property owners must focus on improving the state of kitchen and bathroom. There is no doubt that bathrooms and kitchens are the two areas of any house that provide the greatest wow factor. Tenants dread cleaning in a moldy or dirty bathroom. Moreover, cooking in an outdated kitchen is the last thing anyone wants. If there is any room in the house which needs constant upgrading, it’s these two. However, this does not mean that you overlook the others. They should also get the necessary attention. All these steps will give your property the excellent look it needs thus attracting good rent amounts.

Increasing rental income should not be achieved by only raising rent. Put in place the above measures and you will surely get tenants who are willing to pay some good cash for the unit.

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