How We Can Help!

We can help you if you are facing repossession and can see no way out of your arrears.  Our property buyers are here for you and if you are looking to sell your house quickly then we may be just the solution you are looking for.

Our property buyers will do what they can to ensure that your arrears are paid and you can remain in your property.

Whether you choose our Sell and Rent back solution or whether you simply want to move on

from the property, then we can buy your property from you quickly. This will enable you to pay back the arrears and also clear the mortgage which you have remaining on your property, therefore avoiding any further court proceedings, which can not only be stressful, but also costly on top of that which you already owe.

Contact us as soon as possible to avoid any further financial difficulties, stresses and strains.

We are here to help you, at a time when money is your main concern, with us you do not have to worry about charges or fees.  Our service is completely free of charge and we even PAY up to £500 + VAT of any legal fees which may be incurred in the process of selling your property to us.