If you are hoping to sell your property fast due to relocation, equity release, repossession or any other property related situations then we are here to help. We can buy your property quickly but we are not afraid to admit that our options may not be the best option for everybody. We always recommend that you try to sell your house on the open market before contacting cash buyers like ourselves, and use companies such as ourselves when you have exhausted your efforts with an estate agent.

ThePropertyBuyers.co.uk are part of the Goldman Hunter Group of companies and we have a private property portfolio in excess of £14 million and access to substantial cash funds. We do not operate like an estate agent and as such:

  • We do not charge a valuation fee
  • We use Independent Valuers (RICS)
  • We can exchange at 7 days of valuation in some situations and complete at your convenience
  • We operate Sell and Rent back solutions
  • We pay your legal fees up to £500 + VAT
  • We buy at 23-25{ae7d4a37e988fa9ad92085a62b0a24bc9a95d8c563a676ca97eb82441adb386a} Below the valuation of your property

When a price has been agreed we will try and exchange and complete the sale as quickly as you would like. There is no standard charge if you decide not to proceed, however you will be made aware of the initial offer at the beginning of process. This offer is indeed subject to valuation and if the valuation does not allow for the Buyer to buy the property at the initial offer then you will be made aware of this and given a choice over what you wish to do. 

Please be aware that if you have dropped the price of the property on the open market a Valuer will find it very difficult to value the property any higher than what it is currently on the market for. For example if your house is on the market at an original valuation price of £150,000 you would be looking at an offer from us in the region of £115,000-118,000. However, if you have dropped the price to £135,000, for example, you would be looking at an offer more in the region of £103,000-106,000. 

As I have said previously this is not always the option best suited to everyone and we hope that with this information you have a better understanding about how we operate. 

We have been established since 1994 and are based in Nottinghamshire, but we also have Investors throughout the UK who buy properties for a variety of different reasons and we can quickly put you in touch with these property professionals. 

We are also here to provide advice and guidance on any situation which may arise in regards to your property, so no matter what your question or query may be we are here to assist.  Not only do we offer solutions to help you move on but we also offer Sell and Rent Back whihc means you can remain in the property once you have sold it to us.

If you do wish to speak to us further please do not hesitate to call on 0800 0122334. 

Kind Regards 

Kimberley Aitken 
The Property Buyers