Sell and Rent Back is an option which suits many people in many different situations. You may choose to Sell and Rent Back over a long term period, however this is not the only option available. If you are looking to move on to another property but are hoping for a ‘bridging’ period between moving, then Short Term Sell and Rent Back may be just the option for you.

Instead of getting involved in bridging finance and worrying about moving out with all your personal objects in tow, plus the hassle of finding somewhere else to live on a temporary basis – then think about Sell and Rent Back in the short term.

If you want to sell your house and release the money NOW, but you can’t move into your new property until LATER, then we can arrange a rental price for you to remain in your property until the time has come for you to move on.

So whether it is for one month or four, the option is available to you instantly.

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