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Sell house fast in West Sussex

Sell House In West Sussex

Sell House In West Sussex

Are you looking to sell your house or property in any of the following areas in West Sussex, such as in Cocking, South Mundham or Coombes?

If so, please use the list below or contact us here, to let us know the details so we can look to sell your house as quickly as possible.

The county of West Sussex is located in the South of England. The county borders with Surrey, Hampshire and East Sussex. It has been split up into the east and west since the year 1888. It is a very popular property hotspot and inside the area, there is a lot of scenery and historic places of interest. The county is a proud host to stately homes like Petworth House, Uppark, and Goodwood. It is also home to two castles, Bramber Castle and Arundel Castle. Over 50{ae7d4a37e988fa9ad92085a62b0a24bc9a95d8c563a676ca97eb82441adb386a} of the county is actually protected countryside that can never be built upon.

There is a lot of walking, recreational activities and of course cycle tracks for those that wish to exercise and take in the views. The only city that is inside Surrey is Chichester, and the largest towns are Worthing, Horsham and Crawley. It is considered an upper class area of the UK Property market with the average house price being 280,000 GBP. In the past year, the West Sussex property market has gained 1{ae7d4a37e988fa9ad92085a62b0a24bc9a95d8c563a676ca97eb82441adb386a} in value. Rental opportunities in the county are also very promising as the average rent is close to 1024GBP.