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The County Of South Glamorgan

The county of South Glamorgan is located in Wales. It was founded back in 1974 when the local government passed an act in 72, and the county was made a county council area. It has Cardiff and the South part of the county of Glamorgan. Monmouthshire and the Parish area of St Mellon’s are also included in the county of South Glamorgan.

The areas within the county are separated by two main districts, Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan. Of course being a part of Wales the county is a very scenic and quiet place. It makes the perfect area to buy a home and settle down. The prices in South Glamorgan are varied. There are lot of job opportunities and local schools too. The area is a popular tourist hot spot, and there are many people making a living from the tourism sector. There are also a lot of new start-up businesses in the area. All in all, if you are considering a property in the county of South Glamorgan it can be a very wise choice to make, the county has a great potential; no matter if you buy to live, to let or to sell at a later date after you refurbish the property.