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Shetland is part of Scotland. It is on the North East of the mainland of Britain. The Shetland Islands are about fifty miles to the North East side of Orkney and around one hundred and seventy miles to the South East of the Faroe Islands. They form some of the divide that lies in the middle of the North Sea to the East and the Atlantic Ocean to the West. In total, the whole area of Shetland is about 567 miles squared. It is part of the thirty two council led areas in Scotland, and the only burgh on Shetland is called Lerwick.

The biggest island is known as the mainland. The areas of this island are a total size of three hundred and seventy three miles. Shetland is the 3rd largest Scottish island, and the fifth in the British Isles. There are another fifteen islands in Shetland that are lived on. Shetland joined the United Kingdom back in 1707, and fishing has been a large source of income for the locals there. When oil was found to be in nearby waters back in 1970 – the islands boomed further, and the Shetland property market is a diverse one to enter, that’s for sure.