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The Property Buyers have been in business since 1992, as such we have experienced virtually every landlord/Tenant situation and property problems that you are likely to come across. There is always a solution to your problems!

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What Our Lenders Say About Us……

“The Loughborough Building Society has worked in partnership with Baggy Tiwana and Arv Soar for nearly 12 years. As a small Society we need to have absolute confidence in our commercial borrowers and this means looking at business plans and company organisation as well as actually going out and looking at properties. In the case of Baggy and Arv we have been impressed by the standard of both their organisation and the condition of their properties. Since taking out their first loan with the Loughborough Baggy and Arv have been completely professional in their dealings with the Society and their business has prospered.”

Stephen Peete, Chief Executive, Loughborough Building Society

“Dudley Building Society has an excellent business relationship with both Mr. B. Tiwana and Mr. A. Soar. I wish all borrowers, particularly property landlords, were as thorough and professional with their affairs.”

Geoff Caves, Chief Executive, Dudley Building Society


“I have acted for Baggy Tiwana and Arv Soar of the Goldman Hunter Group 177 Forest Road West Nottingham as solicitor in connection with many transactions over the years. I have always found them to act in a professional manner, I consider them to be trustworthy and I have never heard a complaint concerning their business”

Ian Jakes, Jakes & Co Solicitors

“I have acted for Mr A S Soar and Mr B S Tiwana with somewhere in the region of over three hundred transactions since 1997, relating to the acquisition and mortgage of investment properties over a wide area, and I am very pleased to be able to recommend them for being both hard working, conscientious and reliable and known for their professional approach in business matters. Having struck a deal they are always anxious to honour that deal within the time scale agreed at the outset, and they will go to considerable lengths to ensure that the finance is in place for when the same is required. They have gained in that period of time considerable experience in renovating properties to a high standard and dealing with Tenants and have proved themselves to be more than capable in this respect.”

Mr C P Westalke, Clayton Mott Solicitors[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]