Sell house fast in Orkney Islands

Sell house fast in Orkney Islands

Are you looking to sell your house, property or land in the Orkney Islands area? We can help help you get a quick guaranteed cash sale.

Sell Your House Quickly For Cash In Orkney Islands

Are you looking to sell your house or property in any of the following areas in Orkney Islands, such as in Georth, Lyness or Navershaw?

If so, please use the list below or contact us here, to let us know the details so we can look to sell your house as quickly as possible.

The Orkney Islands

The Orkney Islands are located in the North of Scotland. They are approximately sixteen kilometres off the North coast of Caithness. The islands are made up of around seventy little islands. Out of the seventy islands only twenty of them are inhabited. One of the biggest islands is referred to as the mainland, and it is around two hundred and two square miles in size. This also makes it the 6th largest Scottish island and the tenth in the whole of the British Isles. The biggest area where people live and conduct business is called Kirkwall.

It is known that people have lived on the Orkney Islands for over eight and a half thousand years. In the olden days, the Norwegians invaded the islands and then settled there for some time. The islands are part of the thirty two counselled areas of Scotland.

They are also a part of the Scottish parliament. Aside from the mainland, many of the islands on Orkney are composed of two groups. The soil there is very fertile and the perfect place for those that like to grow things to reside. The main source of income for those that live there is, in fact, agriculture. Locals are referred to as Orcadians and the accent is very strong.

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