Ambitious to build your wealth through
property – and quickly?


  The Property Buyers, part of the Goldman Hunter Group, can offer an unbeatable property finding service. As the leading UK property portal for selling property quickly The Property Buyers receives hundreds of enquiries from vendors keen to sell.Based in Nottingham, the Goldman Hunter Group was established in 1994 and specialises in identifying and acquiring properties at least 15{ae7d4a37e988fa9ad92085a62b0a24bc9a95d8c563a676ca97eb82441adb386a} BMV. These properties are available to investors for redevelopment and subsequent re-sale for an attractive profit. Alternatively, the vendors can be offered a ‘sell-and-rent-back’ agreement whereby they can remain in their homes, protected by a six month Assured Shorthold Tenancy, many with significant rental yields.

  Goldman Hunter owns hundreds of properties throughout the UK and its investment clients includes professional footballers, dentists, barristers, business men and women. The property investment director is Baggy Tiwana who, at 42, has a personal portfolio of 160 properties worth £21 million. Goldman Hunter offers investors three levels of service:

  Retained Property Buyers Service – Investors will receive details of a guaranteed three properties per quarter, all priced at least 15{ae7d4a37e988fa9ad92085a62b0a24bc9a95d8c563a676ca97eb82441adb386a} + below market value and Retained Investors will receive these properties before anyone else. This service is limited to ten clients per quarter. This service is aimed at investors’ who are too busy to build their own portfolios and included is finance arrangement, full property and rental management. Off Plan buys also available at 15 to 25{ae7d4a37e988fa9ad92085a62b0a24bc9a95d8c563a676ca97eb82441adb386a} below market value with Cash Back Opportunities.

  Premium Property Buyers Service – Investors at this level of service will be provided with property leads which have already been seen and passed over by the Retained buyers. This service is limited to 40 clients per annum, and these property leads are genuinely at 15{ae7d4a37e988fa9ad92085a62b0a24bc9a95d8c563a676ca97eb82441adb386a} or higher below market value properties.

  Standard Property Buyers Service – Investors pay a standard fee plus VAT for each property lead they are interested in and after this any outstanding properties are placed directly onto the forums at

  So how does The Property Buyers locate these BMV properties? “We have a network of people throughout the country who are buying BMV properties,” Baggy says. “We also invest a great deal in the internet to ensure that out our website is the UK’s number one portal for quality property.”


“As a professional footballer I began to think of retiring at 33 and with this in mind I realised that the pension I had was not going to be suitable for me and therefore decided to set myself up for the future in a more reliable way. I first approached Baggy when he had just started building his property business… within six months I had amassed a portfolio of £800,000 and now after eight months it has it has increased to £1.3 million with more in the pipeline. Having worked with Baggy and seen that success is indeed achievable in this market I have formed a company with him, which is part of the GHL group of companies. We are already working with a number of sport professionals. Joining Baggy and GHL has been the biggest and most exciting step I have taken to secure the future for myself and my family.”

Michael Johnson

Derby County FC


“Baggy has helped me to realise that my cash to invest in BMVs and very quickly he has shown me the best ways to invest and rent in high and steady growth areas. Not only does he offer one of the best services in the UK but he always has time in his busy schedule to talk to all of his clients, to ascertain the clients’ needs and tries to fit deals which suit each pocket.”

Mitesh Patel

Property Entrepreneur