Tenanted Properties

An eviction notice can be stopped even within 24 hours of the actual eviction but there has to be a good reason to do so.

A court may take in to consideration any of the following situations as a suitable reason to halt an eviction:

  • A solid offer of purchase on the house with written confirmation and documentation to confirm that the offer will clear the mortgage and any arrears in full. You must be clear on why you feel you fell in to arrears initially.
  • If a mortgage offer has been made but there has not been enough time to complete the judge may suspend the eviction in order to give it time.
  • If you are selling your home and contracts have been exchanged then again the eviction process can be halted. An N244 form can be filled in and handed to the court with the fee payable which currently stands at approx £35, which will then bring about a hearing.
  • If you have a considerable amount of equity in your home, are trying to sell it and have had quite a lot of interest you can ask your estate agent to confirm this in writing and present it to the judge which may give them reason to pause the eviction warrant.