What are the Benefits of Sell and Rent Back?

When you choose to sell your property quickly with property buyers you have a number of choices available to you, depending on the reasons that you are looking to sell and the situation which you are in.

Sell and Rent back is beneficial to those who do not wish to move from the property they are in but can no longer afford the mortgage, whether it be simply due to inflation, or whether it is due to more personal circumstances such as a divorce or separation.

Not only does Sell and Rent back allow you to relax and no longer worry about expensive mortgage repayments but it also takes away the worry of perhaps having to pay out for any structural damage or perhaps the expensive repair of a broken boiler if the situation ever arose.

To sell your house fast to a property buyer in order to Sell and Rent back means that you not only release any money that you may have tied up in your property, but you are also safe in the knowledge that you do not have to leave the comfort and convenience of your home.

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Helpful Hints for selling your property

Here are some helpful hints for Selling Your Property, useful tips and safety advice to help you when choosing a Property Buyer.


  • Use a reputable property selling and buying company that does not ask you to pay anything in advance
  • Make sure that the company you contacted for selling your property has a local representative living in the area
  • Ask for testimonials and try to speak to at least one existing customer
  • Use a company where someone will come to visit you in your home and discuss your best options.


  • Pay for an external valuation
  • Rely completely on external valuations from a RICS surveyor
  • Pay any fees in advance, before an offer is agreed
  • Call companies with 0870 or 09 numbers, these are Premium rate numbers
  • Use a one-man-band without a registered office address
  • Trust companies that won’t let you speak directly with a local contract
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