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Step-by-Step Guide to Selling Your Property


Call or email us and we will respond within 12 hours to arrange for one of our valuers to meet you.


Takes about 25 minutes The valuer will discus an offer with a team member, before sending it in writing to you.


If you accept our offer, solicitors will be instructed and we will exchange within 2 days and complete in less than 20 days.


On completion your monies are in your account and you can get on with your life again.

Fast Cash Offer

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Sell Your House Fast and/or Sell and Rent Back

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We have a variety of different reasons why people choose to use our services and what we have to offer is often suitable for people in any circumstance.

No matter what your situation is, if you are struggling to sell you property fast then find out if we can help – CLICK HERE To Sell Your House Quickly

For further information you can call us directly on 0800 0122334.

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The Top Reasons For Selling Your House Fast

1) Financial Difficulties

You, may like many others, be experiencing that you are becoming more in debt at the end of each month, perhaps even arrears due to the increase in your monthly mortgage repayments. Perhaps you increasingly feel that the situation may not change in the foreseeable future. To avoid further debt or looking for ‘consolidating loans’ – or to even stop repossession – then ThePropertyBuyers.co.uk can provide solutions which can even mean staying in your own home -this is available through our sell and rent back option- and you can sell your house fast to enable you to do so. Facing home repossession is a difficult time so find out how to sell your house fast and stop repossession.

2) Divorce or Separation

You may be divorcing or separating from a partner, and invariably the time taken to sell a property on the open market can go from weeks to months – if not years. This this can lead to even greater stresses and strains in life so by selling your house fast to The Property Buyers we can help you achieve a fast house or flat sale – giving you a clean break, quickly, and with the least hassle. If it is a quick sale you are looking for then you need look no further.

3) Repossession Proceedings

Falling behind on your mortgage repayments could lead to repossession. Mortgage companies are under strict conditions to ensure that debt does not mount up beyond a number of months of mortgage repayments. If you are facing home repossession, ThePropertyBuyers.co.uk can help you by liaising with the lender and other agencies that are involved to ensure you can sell your house fast. A fast house sale may be just the solution you are looking for in this situation. There is even the option of remaining in your property even once you have sold it-known as Sell and Rent Back. Sell and Rent Back is a scheme which means that you can remain in your property as a tenant. Sell and Rent Back is becoming increasingly popular and this may be an option suitable for you.

4) New House

You may have found your dream home, but perhaps you are having problems selling your present property fast. Maybe you are in a broken chain, or you have bought a new property but have not managed to sell your old property. If you can no longer afford to keep both properties going until your old one has sold then The Property Buyers can provide for problems that arise such as helping chains by providing funding to one part of that chain. This ensures that you can sell your house fast and move on with your new life. You may also wish to look into our short-term Sell and Rent Backscheme which may give you the flexibility you need between moving homes.

5) Redundancy and Illness

Do you have health problems or are facing redundancy? The Property Buyers can provide quick and easy buying solutions that work to suit you. Perhaps you wish to downsize due to ill health or just release some money until you are well enough to go back to work. With the option of Sell and Rent Back you can remain in your property as long as you wish. If, on the other hand, you would like to move on and would prefer to sell your house fast, achieving a quick sale, then The Property Buyers can also help with this. Don’t let money worries or repossession cause you grief – find out how to stop repossession or simply sell your house fast.

6) Property Inheritance

You may have inherited a property and want to sell the property quickly, due to unforseen costs or other difficulties. The Property Buyers can provide quick and easy solutions that will, should you so wish, release money from the property whilst we complete the quick sale – a process that takes us 10 working days and ensures that you succeed in selling the house fast. If there is a tenant in the property this is also a situtation in which we can assist.

7) Relocation or Emigration

You may be thinking of moving abroad or relocating within the UK, and time scales mean that you are under pressure to sell your house quickly. We can buy your house quickly and also ensure that should you require a deposit for your new home, The Property Buyers are in a position to assist with this. If the time is cutting short on your relocation date and your property sale is dragging find out how you can sell your house quickly. A quick sale may be just the thing you need. If you wish to sell your property ut remain in it this is also possible with our sell and rent back option.

8) Tenanted Properties or Sitting Tenants

Perhaps you have a property with tenants and need the money to buy a new house – or you may have problem tenants that refuse to move out of the property. This is the sort of property we relish buying – and can complete even faster than if you were living in it yourself. As cash rich Property Buyers we can help you sell this property quickly and release the equity that you are looking for.


The Property Buyers is part of Goldman Hunter, a Group of companies that are specialists in Property Management, with a property asset base worth over £16 Million, with facilities greatly in excess of this. Our property buying power is significant . This means we can complete on Selling Your House Quickly for A Quick Sale. For our group Testimonials please click What People Say About Us!